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Production Company Behind Dune Acquires Film And TV Rights To Street Fighter Franchise

Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind some of the biggest movies in recent years, such as Dune and Interstellar have purchased the film and tv rights to Street Fighter.

Capcom will work with Legendary Entertainment on future projects, according to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, but what those future projects are we don’t yet know.

Street Fighter, like many long-time gaming franchises, has seen previous attempts at capitalizing on the popularity in the form of a film, to no avail.

However with the rise of high-quality adaptations like HBO’s The Last Of Us and popular movie adaptations like the Sonic trilogy of films, and many more adaptations already in the works, there feels like more of a chance that this new attempt could produce something of quality.

Its fighting game rival, Mortal Kombat already had a modern film, with more on the way, after it was positively received by fans.

Capcom and Legendary could go a similar route, making Street Fighter an action film with intense fights that do a good job to emulate the gameplay. Though likely not as gory as Mortal Kombat.

Hopefully we’ll find out more on what’s to come from this new partnership, soon.

Source – [The Hollywood Reporter]