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PS3 Error Codes Appearing For Many Users Attempting Game Downloads Ahead Of Digital Store Shutdown

ps3 download error 80029509 80029721

PS3 error code 80029509 and PS3 error code 80029721 are appearing for many PlayStation 3 users, with a large number being quite distraught at not being able to download their PS3 games. Of course, it’s no coincidence that PS3 error codes 80029509 and 80029721 have started appear after Sony announced that it would be closing its PS3, PSP and PS Vita digital stores on July 2nd, 2021.

Spotted by Push Square, the eagled-eyed folks over there made a logical observation that these PS3 errors could well be the result of a massive surge in traffic, with PS3 owners panicking, downloading and purchasing as many PS3 games as they can before the dreaded cut-off date.

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The site also makes another observation too; Sony’s customer support during these errors has been abysmal, thanks in no small part to the company choosing to focus on PS4 and PS5 support queries instead.

As it is, while it makes a degree of sense for Sony to focus its finite support resource on currently supported hardware, not resolving this issue in time will leave a very bad taste in the mouths of the PlayStation faithful. Especially after it was revealed that MLB The Show 21, a PlayStation Studios developed title, would be appearing on Xbox Game Pass for free, but would cost PS5 owners $70. Not a good look, especially as there’s no legal way to play a massive pile of legendary games once the shutdown arrives.

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Source: [Push Square]