PS4 Elder Scrolls Online beta sign-ups are officially open; not cross-platform compatible

Bethesda is now accepting applications for players interested in beta testing its upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online.

Of course, those with PCs are open to the beta, but the interesting bit about the sign-up process is that it allows potential testers to select the PlayStation 4 ( and the Xbox One) as a possible testing system. According to the official Elder Scrolls Online Facebook page, the beta is already underway, and many invites have already been sent out. Incidentally, the inclusion of the next- generation consoles in the beta sign-up process indicates that these testing phases will continue until at least the fiscal holiday season, which is when Sony has loosely dated the PS4 release date. The support page proclaims that more information on the console beta access will be released when invitations for the consoles are sent out "later this year."

Also, according to the Support page, cross-platform play doesn’t appear to be in the cards. The Frequently Asked Question "Will I be able to play with my friends that are playing on different platforms?" is answered with the very specific statement:

"The megaserver technology featured in The Elder Scrolls Online will allow PC (Windows OS) players and Mac players to play together. Xbox One players will play on a specific megaserver with other players using an Xbox One. PlayStation 4 players will have a specific megaserver dedicated to only those players using a PS4."

Until official word on the retail release says differently, we can probably assume that Elder Scrolls Online will indeed not be cross-platform compatible. However, the disclaimer included right after the above question states that "Our goal is to deliver the same experience to players regardless of the platform on which they’re playing." 

Until we know more, jump on over to the Elder Scrolls Online beta registration page and get in line for one of the most anticipated MMOs, arguably, of all time. Even if you don’t gain access to the beta, the wait until Spring 2014 will be short once the PS4, and all of its great launch titles, finally hit the scene. Until then, we will keep up on any content regarding Bethesda or Elder Scrolls Online; we’re big fans, after all.

Via Elder Scrolls Online Facebook