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PS4 Update 6.02 Error – Users Identify Variety Of Issues

ps4 update 5.55 error

PS4 Update 6.02 is now available, but some users are experiencing problems. The PS4 Update 6.02 error is similar to issues that some users experience in previous updates. It can be frustrating but there may be workaround.

The problems usually occur when you’re trying to download the latest update via Wi-Fi. If possible, always use an Ethernet connection when downloading updates. You can also download updates onto a USB stick from your PC and update manually.

The PS4 Update 6.00 error results in a number of different scenarios. Some users are reporting audio issues, flickering screens and console crashes. Over on Reddit, there’s a thread about it, along with multiple other threads from users claiming that the new update has caused problems.

Check that thread out as there’s some suggestions for fixes. Also, with errors caused in previous updates, it’s suggested to follow these steps by deleting the update and manually putting onto your PS4 via USB.

  1. Select Notifications on your PS4. Do you see the PS4 update file? If so, delete it and reboot and see if it starts to download again.
  2. If you don’t already have your PS4 connected by an Ethernet cord, then make sure you do. Then turn it off and power up in Safe Mode. Update Via Internet.
  3. Make sure any notification relating to the PS4 update 6.02 is deleted. Then download the file onto USB from your PC, making sure you follow the exact instructions under (Update Using A Computer) on the official Sony site.

Still not working? Contact PlayStation Support and describe your problem.

Let us know if this fixed the PS4 Update 6.02 error for you.

  • donnell richins

    Thanks for the “help”, dumbass.

    • T Dawg

      See my post for help

  • Arbeli Rozenberg

    Someone at Sony headquarters really needs to get fired. This is getting more and more ridiculous

    • T Dawg

      See my post

  • Mido Majdi

    Error SU-42118-6 while updating to 6.0
    I’ve booted in safe mode, (usb )done each of the steps. Still nothing, the same annoying error. I just want my system to work. I come home, turn it on, and now it’s a brick. Any advice or suggestions? I’ve rebuilt the database, deleted the notifications, updated via safe mode. I’m frustrated and out of options. One post I read said that it was a broken blu-ray drive. I’m not too sure about that one though. I download most of my games and haven’t used a disc in a long time. Plus, why would so many others be getting the error as well? I need help, please. PLAYSTATION help me.

    • T Dawg

      See my post above

  • T Dawg

    Hello. So I may have some insight. I have been having the issue, Error SU-42118-6. I may have just resolved it however.

    From my research, it has to do with a malfunctioning disk reader. Something to do with the PS4 communicating with the chip of the reader. I have been playing around with the connectors and such.

    Load safemode, Initialize (Load new firmware from USB)(The 1GB file, not 500MB file). One it loads the error. Unplug the GREY connector from the Disk readers chip board and plug it back in. This seems to have by passed the error on second loading, and allowed me to update the firmware!

    • Tanner Rollin

      What grey connector? So the ps4 is on and open at the same time? where is this grey connector and is it accessable without removing the power supply?

      • Lupe Soliz

        The grey connector is only on the older PS4 models and it runs in between the battery and disc drive up and over drive to connect to the disc drive motherboard. It is not on the slim models. I dont know if there is an equivalent ribbon on the slim. I hope so, cause thats what I have. And yes it would have to be on and open. No power supply removal is necessary.