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PS5 Dev Kit And DualShock 5 Dev Controller Photos Leak – Rumor

UPDATE: The second photo in this article is of a PS4 Pro dev kit and controller, rather than that of a PS5 equivalent. I am a sleep deprived idiot. It had now been corrected.


While it was confirmed that the rather outlandish design that the PS5 dev kit appears to have is very much a real thing, we’ve yet to see one properly in the wild so to speak.

However, if these latest ‘leaked’ photos are true we just may have gotten our wish as the images purport to show the V-shaped PS5 dev kit in use, and for the first time, a look at what would appear to be a development prototype version of the forthcoming DualShock 5 controller.

PS5 Dev Kit Leak 1

Looking at the photo capture of two PS5 dev kits side by side we can see that, in fact, the kit is absolutely huge. More than that, it also rams home the fact that these kits must be kicking out a huge amount of air, owing to the seemingly overcompensating vents that run along the inside of the V-shaped contour, and also along the outside of the unit too.

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If you look closely at the photo, in the top right hand corner you can also make out what appears to be a manual of some kind. This would make sense obviously, since it’s fairly common practice for Sony (or indeed any platform holder) to send out substantial documentation with its console development kits.

PS5 Dev Kit Leak 2

For reference, you can see how the supposed PS5 dev kit stacks up against a PS4 Pro dev kit as seen above – certainly a massive cosmetic departure from what would seem to be a very, shall we say, boring design.

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Now there are two things to bear in mind here. First, this is a rumor from a largely unknown source, so by all means prepare a bucket of salt. Secondly, if these images are totally legit, the final PS5 retail hardware and DualShock 5 controller will in all likelihood be very, very different – as they have been in the past with previous hardware iterations.

What do you guys think though? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ResetEra via Twitter