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PS5 Dev Talks Happening, But ‘2019 Looks Like Earliest Possible’ release date

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The PS5 rumors continue to stir. Following on from details allegedly revealing the PS5 specs, and rumors of an impending release date, there's one thing we can be sure of – Sony's Mark Cerny is currently talking to developers about PlayStation 5.

That's according to Digital Foundry, who also believe that the PS5 release will be 2019 at the very earliest. They say that the system’s lead architect is currently “on the road” talking with developers. However, they don’t believe the outlandish rumor that PS5 could launch later this year.

In terms of when an actual retail console is likely to be delivered, there are two crucial technological hurdles that need to be cleared before production of a final unit can begin: that’ll be the availability of a smaller, denser process for manufacturing the system’s main processor, plus the necessity for newer, faster memory,” writes Digital Foundry.

“In both cases, 2019 looks like the earliest possible time a generational leap in console power can be delivered, but other factors – system build cost, for example – may set that back further.”

Other rumors about Sony's next-gen console include the ability for PS5 to play PS4 games. We were also contacted last week by a guy who claims that this is an internal document from Sony. It claims that Project Epsilon is the internal codename for PS5 and that all games from Sony developed after April 1, 2018 will solely be exclusive to PS5. Note: we believe it's fake.

Though Sony hasn't officially unveiled PS5, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sean Layden, has confirmed its coming. Rumor has it that PS5 dev kits are already in the hands-on developers.

Whether PlayStation 5 appears at E3 2018 this year is unknown, but here's out predictions for the Sony press conference. We’re pretty some of these will definitely happen!