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[UPDATED]PS5 Preorders For 24K Gold Edition Go Live On September 10


PS5 preorders for the Gold Edition console and its various incarnations are now live!


Truly Exquisite has announced that PS5 preorders for the Gold Edition are going live on September 10, one day after Sony’s reported PS5 announcement is due to take place. Surely, this means that preorders for the regular console will be going live on the same day or the day before?

PS5 Gold Edition Preorder Date Revealed

Needless to say this is reserved for those who have a ton of cash spare, as the PS5 Gold Edition and its accompanying variations are pricy to say the least. Here’s the lowdown:

  • 24K Gold Digital PS5 = £7999
  • 18K Rose Gold Digital PS5 = £8099
  • Platinum Digital PS5 = £8199
  • 24K Gold Disc PS5 = £8099
  • 18K Rose Gold Disc PS5 = £8199
  • Platinum Disc PS5 = £8299

The Gold PS5 is due for release later this year much like the regular version, which has yet to attract a release date. Hopefully that will change this week, as it looks like Sony is poised to counter Microsoft’s Xbox Series S reveal with its own reveal.