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PS5 Price May Be Revealed In August – Rumor

PS5’s Price may not be unveiled until August. The PlayStation 5 is set to launch this holiday season but not much else is known about the console. We haven’t seen any games and we haven’t even seen the console itself.

PS5 Price May Be Revealed In August – Rumor

Jeff Grubb of Venture Beats has been in the news quite a bit lately and he continues his streak today. According to Jeff, the price of next-generation consoles may not be revealed until August. The reason is because of Nvidia and AMD launching similar products which I’m assuming he’s referring to video cards.

Grubb claims that Sony will potentially unveil PS5 games in the first week of June with entire of titles to show off from both first and third party studios. Microsoft is also set to show off first-party titles for their XBOX Series X in June so it will be a great showcase for both companies and gamers.

Source: Twitter