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PS5 Rated At 11 Teraflops, 52 CUs At 1743Mhz Hints Verified Dev In Cryptic Message

The almost complete absence of official PS5 news beyond what we already know has lead to a vacuum which has been filled with rumors and so-called leaks. As you might well expect then, it wasn’t long until another such tidbit sauntered along – this time coming from a verified developer on NeoGAF who, through the mechanism of a coded image, has hinted at the PS5’s performance.

The verified username o’dium appears to belong to a developer for a small indie studio called Team Blur Games who, after a quick scan on the Google Machine, appear to be developing an FPS based on the older id Tech 2 engine called ‘Overdose’. As an aside, a further cursory glance at the developer’s Twitter feed reveals the last update on that account coming just over one year ago, suggesting that publicly at least, work on the game is currently being kept under wraps.

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The image, which you can see below, shows a letter being posted by carrier bird to PlayStation Lead Systems Architect Mark Cerny, with a range of address details and a whole bunch of ‘coos’ in the text.

PS5 Teraflops 1
Does this hint towards the actual PS5 spec, or are we all being led down the primrose path? Yeah, we’re not sure either.

Are you sat down for this? Ok, good. So, with vats of salt at the ready, according to a bunch of ingenious (perhaps midly insane?) folks who have managed to decode the message above, it would appear that the key elements of the PS5’s specification have been ‘leaked’ through this message.

Apparently, the rhyming pattern and the number of coos suggest that the PS5 will boast a 11.06 Teraflop GPU, complete with 52 Compute Units Clocked at 1743 Mhz – a figure that is somewhat short of the 2Ghz maximum that the previously posited RDNA2 based GPU that the PS5 will use, is capable of. So potentially, there’s room there for Sony to up-clock the machine and gain additional performance (up to an Xbox Series X busting 13 Teraflops, apparently) – albeit at the cost of cooling and obviously cost.

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Much easier to perhaps decipher is the RAM that the PS5 might have. 16GB of RAM boasting a bandwidth of 512 GB/s is pretty much close to what has been leaked already, while the references to New York might suggest that the reveal venue could be somewhere in that city, but again, who knows.

How accurate is it? Could it be an semi-elaborate troll-job by a dev who wants to get some kicks from increasingly thirsty PlayStation gamers looking forward to the next generation of consoles? Who knows at this point?

Obviously, it isn’t out of the realms of possibility that an indie dev such as this could have their hands on a PS5 dev kit, or at the very least been clued into the PS5’s performance by another industry source, but, as always, be sure to be apply plenty of heart attack triggering amounts of salt in the usual, prescribed manner.

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We’d quite like the PS5 to be properly announced now please. Thanks.

PS5 is set to release this holiday season.

Source: NeoGAF Verified User via Spiel Times