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PS5 Shipments From Backend Service Providers Are Reportedly Starting


In a report from DigiTimes, it appears that PS5 shipments have begun at two Taiwanese companies: ASE Technology and Greatek Electronics.

ASE Technology provides Semiconductor manufacturing and testing services, with Greatek Electronics focusing on assembling and testing the internal circuitry. This means that the machines are starting to be assembled and slowly preparing to roll out to stores later this year when they will be sold. Hopefully, we will get more information about the PS5 and when we can expect to play it at home in the coming month or so.

PS5 is still on track for its Holiday 2020 release, with Sony recently updating the PlayStation website to allow you to see peripherals in 360 degrees. The next PS5 announcement is reportedly set for this month, with another report claiming that Final Fantasy 16 will have some kind of PS5 exclusivity. The new DualSense controller will be getting software updates, unlike previous controllers.

The PS5 releases this Holiday.

Source – [DigiTimes via VGC]