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PS5 Slim – Will Sony Release A Slim PlayStation 5 In The Future?

PS5 Slim, Will There Be A PS5 Slim, Will Sony Release A PS5 Slim, PlayStation 5 Slim, PS5 Slim Release. Sony‘s PS5 is now out in the wild following its November 2020 release, and suffice to say, it’s a bit of a large fella. The console is easily the biggest the hardware manufacturer has released to date – even chunkier than the original PS3 model – but with all that power under the hood, it’s to be expected.

However, will there be a PS5 Slim down the line? Can we expect Sony to trim the fat and launch a redesigned version of its flagship gaming console? Let’s find out!

PS5 Slim – Will Sony Release A PlayStation 5 Slim?

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PS5 Slim – Will It Happen?

You only have to look at Sony’s past console history to know that a PS5 Slim release is almost guaranteed to happen. For starters, we’ve got slimmer versions of every major console to date – PSOne, PS2, PS3 and PS4, not to mention revision for PSP and PS Vita. It’s only a matter of time.

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PS5 Slim – How Could Sony Shrink Down PlayStation 5?

Furthermore, as development of the PS5 continues, parts will be become more efficiently made and thus can be made smaller, allowing Sony to fit decrease the overall size of the console itself. Obviously PS5 is a large machine as it is, so who knows how much smaller a Slim model will be, but we expected some significant reductions in size, weight and hopefully power consumption, too.

With the 6nm manufacturing process becoming standard in 2021, it seems extremely likely that Sony and other platform holders would take advantage of this to begin creating slim versions of their current generation consoles.

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PS5 Slim Release Date – When Might We Expect A PlayStation 5 Slim To Release?

The PS4 Slim came out three years after the standard PS4 console hit the market, so we won’t expect a PS5 Slim to hit stores until at around 2023. That’s just speculation on our part though; it could be sooner or later than that.

Regardless, history teaches us that a PlayStation 5 Slim is definitely going to happen at some point. It’s just a matter of time.

PS5 Slim Price – How Much Might A PlayStation 5 Slim Cost?

With slim consoles offering reduced form factors but largely the same components as their older counterparts, you can expect the cost to be reduced too. The full fat PS4 for example launched at $399, while the PS4 slim arrived at $299.

We would expect a similar situation to happen with the PlayStation 5 as well. What we don’t know though, is whether or not a slim PS5 would be based on the digital or disc based version of the console.

If it were up to us, we’d pick the latter.