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PUBG Update 1.06 Patch Notes – New Map Arrives on PS4

PUBG Update 1.06 PS4

PUBG update 1.06 launches today on PS4, bringing with it a host of changes and some shiny new content.

The highlight of today’s update is, without question, the addition of a brand-new, snow-themed map called Vikendi. Which, for those who’ve been keeping an eye on the battle royale mainstay since it first arrived on PS4 late last year, was announced in early December.

PUBG Update 1.06 – Introducing Vikendi

Slightly smaller in size and thus faster-paced than Erangel and Miramar, Vikendi offers a similarly tactical experience nevertheless.

For example, with snow covering much of the map, players leave a trail of temporary footprints as they scavenge their surroundings in search of life-saving loot. A series of tell-tale tracks that can be used, by the more discerning players, to hunt them down and catch them unawares.

Mid-game changes in the deadly blue forcefield that surrounds the map are less drastic than in Erangel or Miramar, as well. Creating a “good balance between strategy and gunplay throughout the duration of each match” according to developer Bluehole.

Vikendi Survivor Pass

Outside of the map itself, Bluehole has also created a Vikendi Survivor Pass.

The standard Survivor Pass is available to any and all players on PS4. However, a second Premium Pass can be purchased separately, offering exclusive rewards and missions for those who don’t mind shelling out the extra cash.

For those who are interested in picking up the Vikendi Survivor Pass, the aforementioned missions are available in five distinctive flavours. These being:

  • Daily Missions: 3 missions will be provided every day (you can swap out up to 1 mission per day)
  • Weekly Missions: 10 missions will be available every week (Premium Pass holders can complete up to 10 missions per week, while all players with the Survivor Pass can complete up to 4)
  • Beginner Missions: Easy missions which are provided for beginners
  • Premium Missions: All players can complete these missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim rewards after completion
  • Challenge Missions: Theses are special missions provided for players who’ve completed all their weekly missions in a specific week. These contain more challenging and advanced missions (N.B. All players can complete Challenge Missions, but only players who have the Premium Pass can claim the associated rewards after completion)

PUBG Update 1.06 – New Content and Quality of Life Improvements

Elsewhere, two new weapons arrive via PUBG update 1.06.

The first is the universally available Scorpion handgun; the second, the Vikendi-exclusive G36C assault rifle. Vikendi also features a brand-new mode of transport: the snowmobile.

Bluehole has also implemented a number of gameplay updates and quality of life improvements. As always, ee’ve listed the most significant below in bullet form.

  • Added auto-reload option: When enabled, you will reload weapons automatically when you try to fire while your magazine is empty
  • Parachute system overhaul (increased control, responsiveness, improved turning speed etc.)
  • Minimap: Players can now further magnify the minimap
  • Added field of view slider in First Person Perspective mode (FPP) settings
  • Server/region will now be decided automatically depending on the player’s local region (if you group with a player from another region, matchmaking will automatically decide the best region to play on)
  • Quick Join function added: Puts you in the first available game, regardless of map
  • When the concurrent player count for a region is too low to start games consistently in a particular mode, those players will be redirected to their next closest region instead. A message will alert players when this is happening and to expect higher ping than local servers

Bug Fixes

Bluehole has been busy squashing bugs, too. These include:

  • Downed players’ character model sometimes penetrating walls
  • Players seeing through walls and rock surfaces while riding motorcycles
  • Receiving collision damage from a motorcycle when another player picked up said motorcycle
  • Clipping through the floor of a building when disembarking a motorcycle on occasion
  • Unable to loot some items, such as weapon or ammo on the ground
  • Excessive screen shaking when spectating an opponent who is firing a weapon
  • Unable to hear character footsteps when on carpet
  • A rare bug where teammates receive friendly-fire damage, even if the player wasn’t aiming at them while shooting
  • Care packages sometimes dropping outside the playable area (in the water etc.)

Head over to the PUBG website for a comprehensive breakdown of the latest patch and be sure to let us know if you’re still enjoying PUBG on PS4.