Ratchet and Clank PS4/PS2 Video comparison shows how far the visuals have come.

 It’s been nearly thirteen years since Insomniac’s witty Lombax Ratchet and his trusty robot pal Clank first graced a PlayStation console, and next year’s reboot/movie tie-in will look to take some of the classic levels of the original and breathe stunning new life into them.

In a video from YouTube user Flotonydu 71, he shows just how far we’ve come in a side-by-side comparison of the PS2 and PS4 versions of the Metropolis, Gaspar and Nebula G34 areas of the game.



The reboot is certainly looking rather gorgeous, and hopefully it will play as well as those classic entries did when it releases April next year on PS4. It will tie in with the movie that is set to feature a cast that includes Hollywood stars such as John Goodman and Sly Stallone alongside original Ratchet and Clank voice actors James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye.