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How To Increase And Lower Wanted Level In Red Dead Redemption 2

Complete The Noblest Of Man And A Woman

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now out! Players control Arthur Morgan from the Dutch Van Der Linde gang in a Wild West story that has received rave reviews.

One of the areas you’ll want to know more about are Wanted Levels. In RDR2, your Wanted Level increases when you commit crime.

In a similar way to GTA 5, your bounty increases when you commit crime. The more crime you commit, the more folk are going to want to track you down.

How To Lower Wanted Level In Red Dead Redemption 2

You’re going to have to pay to get rid of the bounty on your head. The price rises the more crimes you commit.

To pay off the bounty, you’ll need to go to a post office and pay it off. The good thing is that it will now disappear completely and be reset.

You can also let the bounty hunters catch you. This way you won’t have to pay at all, but you will spend some time behind bars in jail.

Put your weapons away when they approach, make sure you’re not on your horse and choose the option to surrender by holding down the L2 trigger.

How To Raise Wanted Level In Red Dead Redemption 2

Sometimes it’s fun to be a bad boy! If you want to see what it’s like with your Wanted Level at max, then start committing more serious crimes.

Stick to one area, because your bounties apply to different regions. Rob a train or a store, steal some stuff and kill as many people as possible and you’ll see your Wanted Level rise quickly.

Avoid Your Wanted Level Entirely

It can be a pain having people on your tail, or having to cough up to pay your bounties, but you can avoid them entirely. If you commit a crime when there are no witnesses you’ll be free to go about your business.

If there are witnesses, you can kill them to stop them talking. If there’s people on the search for you, you can also avoid them. Stay away from the red circle on your map as they’re on the hunt. Head in the opposite direction and watch your Wanted Level bar reset.

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