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Remedy Teases Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus Coming Soon

Alan Wake 2 arrived this past October after years of fans waiting and hoping for a sequel, and it did not disappoint against an insane level of hype.

On Friday, developer Remedy Entertainment teased that players would soon be able to go through the continuation of Alan Wake’s saga (see what I did there?) through new game plus.

We don’t know when the update will be live, though with The Game Awards now less than a week away, and the strong relationship Geoff Keighley has had with director Sam Lake, it wouldn’t be a shock to see the update go live at next weeks show.

Or at the very least it wouldn’t be a surprise for Remedy to reveal the exact date the new game plus update will be live, and everything that’s going to arrive in the update.

While Alan Wake 2 has enjoyed critical and fan acclaim, history seems to be repeating itself, as that success has yet to be reflected in the game’s sales.

Remedy almost seems cursed to produce some of the most creative and invigorating games the industry has ever seen, only for each of them to have a long tail in terms of financial success.

Perhaps it’ll be Control 2, or one of the studio’s future projects that is finally able to be both a huge artistic achievement and be a massive hit in terms of sales numbers.

Source – [Remedy Entertainment]