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Resident Evil CODE: Veronica PSOne Demake Fan Project Announced

Capcom may not be working on a Resident Evil CODE: Veronica remake, but a group of fans are the next best thing is stepping backwards by giving the classic 2000 survival horror title a PSOne makeover!

Yep, say hello to the Resident Evil CODE: Veronica PSX Demake.

Williammutazion is the brains behind the Resident Evil CODE: Veronica remake, and has released a teaser trailer showcasing an early look at the project. Check it out below.

As you can see, the first major difference is the fact we’re now getting static camera angles. The original version of Resident Evil COD: Veronica used 3D backgrounds for the first time in the series, which meant the camera was able to move dynamically. It stills shifted perspective, but it was capable of following your character as it wasn’t pre-rendered.

In addition, the project seems to take a lot of the zombie models from Resident Evil 2, and Claire herself appears to be a slightly more advanced version of her Resident Evil 2 incarnation.

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Resident Evil CODE: Veronica was released for the Dreamcast in 2000, and was later ported to PS2 with extra cutscenes as Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X. This version was also brought to the GameCube and saw a Japanese-only release for Dreamcast.

In case you didn’t already check it out, there’s also a Resident Evil CODE: Veronica fan remake in development.