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Rocket League Lays Out Impressive Road Map Up To Spring Update

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With the end of Rocket Season 6 in sight and Season 7 due to commence soon, Psyonix has laid out its road map for the coming months.

And it's quite an impressive list of new additions and content, which includes licensed DLC, events and quality of life updates.

The developer is doing things slightly differently than before, providing more regular updates and alternating them between content and feature updates.

Here's what coming up in 2018 so far for Rocket League fans.

Rocket League February Update

  • Competitive Season 7 Begins
  • Competitive Season 6 Rewards
  • New Crate
  • New RLCS Fan Rewards
  • Tournaments Beta
  • Steam public beta for our upcoming Tournaments Feature

Rocket League March update

  • New Licensed Premium DLC
  • Spring Event

Rocket League Spring Update (March-April)

  • Tournaments – Play against other players in bracketed, single elimination tournaments

Quality of Life Updates

  • Item Stacking
  • Better Item Filtering, Searching, and Sorting
  • Equip to Blue/Orange Team for Car Bodies
  • New and Expanded Options
  • Packet Send/Receive Rate and Bandwidth Limits
  • “Team Quick Chat Only”
  • Disable “One Minute Remaining”, etc. messages

Connection Quality Info

  • See notifications for Packet Loss, Latency Variance, and Server Performance in-game
  • Will help us and the community better differentiate between “server issues” and connection problems

Switch Performance & Visual Quality Updates

  • Performance Mode – 900p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 60 FPS with infrequent dynamic resolution scaling
  • Quality Mode – Native 1080p (Docked) / 720p (Handheld) @ 30 FPS with added visual effects

Rocket League has enjoyed explosive success since launch with an estimated 40 million players worldwide enjoying a unique mix of soccer and flying vehicles.