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Rockstar VR Game Seemingly Leaked Through Actor’s Resume

It looks like the news that Rockstar is working on a VR title has leaked, thanks to the resume of voice actor Michael Ursu, with users on ResetEra noticing a credit that lists a role in a “undisclosed Rockstar Game” below the VR section of his resume.

What’s perhaps most interesting about this is how this alludes to Rockstar working on something other than the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto VI.

Rockstar has plenty of expectations to deliver on when it comes to GTA VI, parent company Take-Two has been talking about how it has to straddle the difficult line between being a familiar GTA title and something entirely new for players.

Which goes back to this “undisclosed” VR title, as it could very well be something entirely new, but it feels much more likely that it is in fact a VR version of Grand Theft Auto that’ll come to modern VR platforms, which should hopefully include PSVR2.

With more focus on VR and games like Resident Evil getting incredible VR modes, a version of GTA in VR would easily be exceptionally popular.

Source – [ResetEra via GamesRadar]