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Rumour – Sony Is Internally Expecting PS5 Pro Specs To Leak This Month Due To Dev Kit Distribution

Tom Henderson has claimed on Twitter that Sony is internally expecting the as-yet unannounced PS5 Pro specs to leak this month due to the distribution of development kits among third-party studios.

This does tie-in with previous reports made by Henderson about the PS5 Pro back in May, in which he said that dev kits would be sent to third-party companies within the next few months.

The PS5 Pro has been rumoured for over a year now, and although nothing official has ever been revealed by Sony. However, back in July, it was reported that the console is known as Project Trinity, and will allegedly be released in November 2024, one year after the release of the PS5 Slim.

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Interestingly it wasn’t always this way, as Henderson said in January 2023 that he had heard more about the PS6 at the time than the PS5 Pro, but evidently things have changed a lot since then. Meanwhile, in August, AMD insider ‘Kepler’ claimed that the PS5 Pro’s SoC will likely use the Np4 process node.

[Source – Tom Henderson on Twitter]