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Sonic Frontiers Gameplay Prompts Fans To Call For Sega To Delay The Game

SEGA has been met with calls from gamers to delay the upcoming Sonic Frontiers after the debut gameplay footage for the Blue Blur’s latest entry didn’t impress.

Twitter saw ‘DelaySonicFrontiers’ briefly trending over the weekend as Sonic fans expressed their disappointment with the gameplay footage, which was released via a partnership between SEGA and IGN. There’s one focussing on the game’s open-world setting, and another on combat.

Here’s some examples of fans’ reactions to Sonic Frontiers on social media:

Sonic Frontiers looks like they made an open-world game automated. It’s so weird. That gameplay demo had so many dash panels into springs and automation…. I’m nervous about this game. That demo did not look great.” — Lonely Goomba, YouTube

I’m one of the biggest Sonic fans on planet Earth… [but] this gameplay did not do it for me. Based on this video, I’m worried for Sonic Frontiers. I was so excited, I’ve waited five years for this, and I’m not happy. I’m very, ‘been there, done that’. — Sam Procrastinates, YouTube.

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Sonic Frontiers is scheduled for release on PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One in holiday 2022. Unless, that is, SEGA does decide to postpone the game’s release.

[Source – VGC]