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Sony Admits PS Plus Is Lagging Behind Xbox Game Pass

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed during its response to UK regulators investigating the buyout of Activision Blizzard that its subscription tiers within PS Plus “considerably lag” behind Xbox Game Pass.

The hardware manufacturer is concerned that the likes of Call of Duty would be added to Xbox Game Pass as exclusives if Microsoft were to successfully complete its buyout of the publishing giant. Xbox Game Pass has around 29 million members, and has obviously been a major selling point of Xbox consoles.

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Microsoft recently admitted that its first-party output are not as good as Sony’s own titles, although the PlayStation maker believes that its rivals ‘true strategy’ for buying Activision Blizzard is to ‘make PlayStation like Nintendo,’ in the sense it won’t be competing in the 18-rated shooter market.

Elsewhere, Sony also revealed during its response to regulators that it does not expect the launch of PS6 to happen until after 2027.

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