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Sony Has Begun Publishing Games On PC, Starting With ReadySet Heroes


Sony Interactive Entertainment are officially set to publish their first game on PC, with ReadySet Heroes, an upcoming co-op dungeon crawler from Robot Entertainment.

The game’s store page went live earlier today on the Epic Games Store and clearly shows that the publisher of the title is Sony Interactive Entertainment.

This is a fairly big move as during this generation Sony and PlayStation have been the platform holder unwilling to co-operative with others, such as being extremely restrictive when it comes to cross-play.

However, it is possible that Sony was a little shaken when Quantic Dream requested to release their library of PS4 titles on PC. Sony may want a piece of that pie. Although, ReadySet Heroes is a much smaller title being published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is not a God of War or Marvel’s Spider-Man. So, this could be a sign that Sony are willing to be a bit more flexible with their smaller scale partnerships in the future. Still, I doubt, you are going to see games published by Sony on Xbox platforms anytime soon, if ever.

You can take a look at the Epic Games Store page below:


Robot Entertainment confirmed the ReadySet Heroes release date earlier today, along with a few pre-order bonuses. This news comes during Gamescom 2019 which kicked off with Gamescom Opening Night Live, a reveal show hosted by Geoff Keighley, the Creator of The Game Awards. You can rewatch the livestream here.

If you need to keep up with all the announcements from the show you can head over to our landing page for the event which has every announcement made during the show. You can also see the announcements as they happen by heading to our Gamescom 2019 Feed.

ReadySet Heroes is set to launch for PS4 and PC (via the Epic Games Store) on October 1, 2019.

  • GodGamer

    Rofl and PC fanboys were talking about games like GT and MLB The Show being on PC LOL.

    • andrewsqual

      Haha yeah. Only hours before this article appeared on N4G there was an article saying that Sony is bringing its online games to PC. So morons jumped on the reasoning that “The Last of Us Part II has online so it will be one of them” right away.

      And now Readyset Heroes is their answer lol. So now its right back to “TLOU Part II is trash”, right people? How long was it? 8 hours before you 180ed on that?

  • Albert Belle

    Sony has been doing crossplay with PC for a long time. Seriously how long are people going to piss and moan about crossplay?

  • mondaymurder23

    sony is so dam retarded why not just create your own store on PC and sell your games ? you make more profits or are they just too F–ing lazy and want EPIC dirty money

  • GrimmyReaper

    I wonder how well a PS exclusive would sell on PC. (And no PS4 fanboys, I have a PS4, you need a picture as well?) I mean I love God of War but I hate that it is just 30fps. Yes I am sorry but it bothers me. I just wish these would release on PC as well so that 1. they can really shine and 2. I don’t have to pay to play online. Seriously, why is this feature a PC exclusive now?