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Sony To Produce Fewer PS5 Units In First Year Than PS4 Due To High Cost, Says Report

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly planning to manufacturer fewer PS5 units during its first year on the market than it did with the PS4, according to a Bloomberg report.

PS5 Production To Be Fewer Than PS4 In First Year

According to the report, the hardware manufacturer is deciding to limit its production run for the PS5 partly as it anticipates a high price point at launch due to its high-end specs. However, the source added that while COVID-19 has affected Sony’s PR plans for the console, it hasn’t had an impact on its production activities.

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The PS5 is slated for release in holiday 2020, something which is not likely to change unless Microsoft decides to push back the launch of the Xbox Series X.

Sony reportedly had to hurry the reveal of the DualSense controller due to disruption caused by coronavirus. However, the console maker has said that it is still planning to unveil the design of the PS5 in the ‘coming months.’

Source: Bloomberg