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Soul Calibur 6 Patch Notes Confirmed For Update 2.21

Bandai Namco Games has unleashed the full list of Soul Calibur 6 patch notes for update 2.21, which is now live for PS4, PC and Xbox One versions of the game. Get the lowdown on the latest Soul Calibur 6 update below.

Soul Calibur Update 2.21 Patch Notes

  • Added data for DLC Pack 11, “Setsuka”.
  • Adjusted balance and changed some in-battle behaviors.
  • Added data for DLC Pack 12, “Character Creation Set E.”
  • Added items and equipment for character creation (separate from DLC Packs 11 and 12).
  • Added the new stage “Murakumo Shrine Grounds”.
  • Fixed text errors.
  • Added a feature in Character Creation mode that toggles whether character equipment will be destroyed in battle.
  • Added Quick Character Selection to Training mode.
  • Added a feature to the options menu that toggles whether or not actions performed after a match has ended will be displayed on screen.
    Note: This feature only applies to online battles.
  • Fixed other bugs and improved certain features.
  • Fixed errors in certain parts of the text.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]