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Spyro 1 PS4 Platinum Trophy Achieved Within Hours Of Release

Spyro 1 platinum trophy

The Spyro The Dragon 1 PS4 trophy looks like it’s not hard to achieve at all. Though it’s not quite one of the easiest Platinum trophies to gain on PS4, the game has been out a matter of hours and one guy has nailed it in 5 hours 53 minutes, apparently.

Taking to Reddit, Tom_Flip94 has already posted a screenshot of his achievement of gaining the Gnasty’s Demise trophy, one of the 37 Spyro trophies you need to collect.

He claims to have got 70% of these trophies on his initial run-through with friends and then went back to complete the rest. Great achievement!

spyro 1 platinum trophy
Spyro 1 Platinum trophy took less than 6 hours.

No doubt they’ll be others trying to beat the current record! Let us know how you get on.

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