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Tales of Arise Rating Detailed By GRAC

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Tales of Arise had its first announcement in June, 2019. That reveal showcased a grand overhaul of the franchise, enhancing it past its anime roots and into the next generation. This news also came with the proclamation that Tales of Arise would arrive in Japan sometime in 2020. If the game rating that it received says anything, it says that Tales of Arise will indeed release in 2020.

Tales of Arise Rated

Thanks in tandem to and Google Translate, a detailed grid indicates how this rating stacks up. This rating was officially published January 10, 2020, for the Japanese version of the game:

A game rating generally indicates that the game’s release is not that far off at all. Here’s hoping!

This news came to us thanks to Gematsu’s Twitter page:

We cannot say for sure how the rating of Tales of Arise will pan out for Western regions once the game receives its localization. One thing that can be said with confidence is that Tales of Arise will more than likely not reach the Mature [M] rating. Looking back at all previous Tales of titles, none of them extend past Teen [T]. When compared to the “12 years old” grade given to Tales of Arise by GRAC, then this upcoming game will more than likely land in the Teen [T] rating as well.

Time will tell, of course. For now, however, this rating brings confidence with it that Tales of Arise should release sometime in 2020 for Japan consumers. As is customary, Western fans will have to wait a while longer to play Tales of Arise in their Mother Tongues.

Until then, stay tuned to PSU for more information regarding Tales of Arise.