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The Dark Pictures Man Of Medan, Little Hope Owners Are Still Waiting For Key Bug Fixes 2 Months On

Supermassive Games has not endeared themselves to fans of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and The Dark Pictures: Little Hope, after the studio has still failed to iron out some key bugs that have plagued both games since September.

Both games were updated on September 28 with a number of accessibility options, QTE warnings and difficulty settings, but also came with some unwanted bugs, including the inability to progress beyond certain points.

Supermassive posted on Reddit on October 17 with an acknowledgement of said problems, which include “save game issues, progression blockers, missing collectibles (i.e. secrets, bearings and pictures) and missing audio/visual features.” They promised to work on a patch “as soon as it is ready,” but we’re now at the end of November, and there’s still no update.

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However, the have provided a new update earlier this month:

The team are committed to investigating the reported issues thoroughly. They are working hard to put a patch together and once there’s more details about this available, I’ll be sharing them.

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the Steam versions of the two games were rolled back as it is a platform which allows for this. It isn’t something that the team are able to do on the console however, which I’m sorry for.

I’d like to assure you that the team are treating these issues as a priority, and fully appreciate the frustration that players such as yourself are feeling about these issues. I’ll provide more information when available, and appreciate your understanding in the meantime.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan was released back in August 2019 for PS4, PC and Xbox One while The Dark Pictures: Little Hope rolled out for the same platforms in October 2020.

[Source – Eurogamer]