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The Last Of Us Co-Director Says “Linear Games Are Just Easier To Make”

Bruce Straley co-directed The Last Of Us with Neil Druckmann at Naughty Dog when the game first released almost a decade ago.

Before that, he worked on the Uncharted franchise, and before that, he worked on the Jak & Daxter games, both series which are filled with linear-style games.

So it’s not really all that surprising considering his experience, that he tweeted “linear games are just easier to make.”

This set off a whole deluge of discourse in the comments below, at which point Straley clarified his tweet.

“Y’all are nuts! I didn’t think this was such a controversial topic nor did I say one design style was better than the other, but you fools…”

Debates around whether a linear game or a non-linear game is “better” aside, Straley’s point that linear games are “easier” seems to just come from his experience as not needing to direct a game out of order.

What’s more interesting are the other developers commenting, sharing their own experiences.

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