The Walking Dead season finale arrives next week

Telltale Games today announced that the fifth and final episode to its acclaimed series The Walking Dead will release next week.

Titled No Time Left, the fifth episode will be launching in next week PlayStation Store updates alongside big titles like Persona 4 Golden and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it’s most certainly going to give those big games a run for player’s money.  For the most avid of fans, and even for players who haven’t started The Walking Dead series yet, a complete retail version and collector’s edition will also be releasing, though release dates on those haven’t been announced yet.

Though this is the end of the series, don’t fret, since this is only the first season. We reported a while back that Telltale plans on bringing fans another sure-to-be smash hit season of The Walking Dead. 

Our very own Don Oliveira has reviewed all of the previously released Walking Dead episodes, and the review for the first, second, third, and fourth episodes can all be found on their respected links. If you haven’t started The Walking Dead, this is surely a great time to jump into the frey.