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This PS5 UI Concept Video Looks Fantastic

Sony has yet to fully lift the wraps off the PS5 UI, but if it looks anything like this concept video by Brazilian animator Paulo Manso, then we’re in for quite a treat. It’s based off the brief footage we’ve already seen on the UI, and does a pretty good job at expanding on Sony’s work.

PS5 UI Concept Video

Check it out below.

Sony is targeting a holiday 2020 release for the PS5, although recent reports have suggested that the console will be released on November 13. While Sony has yet to announce a PS5 price, we’ve heard numerous times that it’ll be positioned at $499/$399 for the Standard and Digital-Only Edition, respectively.

The PS5 will feature a number of key advancements over its predecessor, including an SSD for ultra-fast load times and full backwards compatibility with PS4 games. The DualSense controller, meanwhile, adds haptic feedback and adaptive triggers into the mix.

[Source – YouTube via Push Square]