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UFC 4 Update 2.02 Patch Notes Confirm Bug Fixes And AI Improvements

EA Sports has rolled out the UFC 4 update 2.02 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which can now be downloaded for PS4.

UFC 4 Update 2.02 Patch Notes

Patch 2.02 Notes:

  • Fixed issues that could prevent denying takedowns while moving or striking
    • Previously, if a user held the movement input for too long (even for only one frame) after they had already pressed low block to deny a takedown, it would count as an attempt to deny a takedown turn that had not happened yet and would result in a successful takedown for their opponent. This only occurred in cases of “late” (partial) denials, including some cases where the fighters hadn’t made contact yet.
    • Previously, pressing striking modifier buttons, such as for throwing hooks or overhands, could cause them to be interpreted as an attempt to apply a reversal to a takedown that had already started. A denial attempt made after that would then count as a late reversal attempt and, therefore, fail.
    • Those two issues were affecting all shooting takedowns, including the power takedowns. The fix will help users deny more driving and late denials on takedowns.
  • Fixed an issue with Imanari Roll being available in ‘Stand and Bang’ and KO modes
  • Fixed exploit with Cage Back Clinch drives
  • Fixed an issue with Von Flue Choke stamina
    • The stamina for the attacker and defender was swapped and the fighter with less stamina had the advantage.
  • Tuned Marathoner Perk
    • The effect of perk is drastically reduced. This was a major component of some of the issues with stamina being reported by the community.
  • Tuned Cage Guillotine chain progress
    • The Cage Guillotine was granting too much progress to the attacker when they hit the chain. We reduced the amount of progress granted by that chain to be a similar amount to the other chains. The team is still investigating changes to balance as it relates to the Standing Guillotine.
  • AI Improvements
    • In guard and half guard, AIs will now avoid striking with the hand holding the opponent’s head down.
    • Reduced AI clinch frequency
  • Tuned Side Control strike damage
    • Significantly reduced damage of all strikes from Dominant Side Control.
  • Tuned Body strike damage
    • Slightly Increased base damage of body jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts.
    • The damage is proportional to the stamina drain and the stamina cost so this change indirectly impacts the stamina drain for your opponent and the cost of throwing these strikes.
    • Landing a body shot is always a net positive for the attacker, but be careful not to miss as the increased cost will punish missed strikes more.
  • Updated moves and perks for some fighters
    • Gaethje moveset updates
    • Sandhagen moveset updates
    • Amanda Nunes moveset updates
    • Germaine de Randamie moveset updates
    • Paulo Costa moveset updates
    • Ronda Rousey moveset updates
    • Valentina Shevchenko moveset updates
    • Johnny Walker moveset updates
    • Dan Hooker moveset updates
    • Eddie Alvarez moveset updates
    • John Lineker moveset updates
  • Updated Archetype movesets
    • Added Imanari and osotogari to Archetypes Shark and Vanguard
    • Added osotogari to Engine
  • Updated fighter records based off of recent events that took place before Aug 14th
  • Updated Kimbo Slice’s grappling ratings