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UFC 4 Update 2.03 Patch Notes Reveal Fixes For Key Issues On PS4

EA Sports has delivered a one-two punch combo of UFC 4 update 2.03 patch notes for you to digest, which features a bunch of key fixes for the PS4 version of the mixed martial arts title.

UFC 4 Update 2.03 Patch Notes

  • Added stability for the Sub fighter to trigger an immediate escape after denying the Backpack transition
  • Added Stamina tax to attacker for Low Single takedown denial
  • Fixed an issue with the stamina drain on Headlock denials
  • Removed Headkock stamina drain from the submissions entry animation
  • Tuned stamina and damage on the back drop takedown
  • Reduce rate of Stamina Recovery during Ground and Pound
  • Fixed an issue where escaping choke submissions drained too much stamina
  • Fixed various issues with Ground and Pound defense against flurries
  • Fixed an issue with blocking after being hit, during Ground and Pound
  • Fixed an issue with damage received after posting strikes in Ground and Pound
  • Removed Haptic Feedback from Online modes
  • Fixed an issue causing takedown feints to count in stats
  • Greatly reduced the rate of the purple screen bug

[Source – MP1st]