Uncharted movie update: Tom Holland to play young Nathan Drake


Deadline is reporting that British actor Tom Holland is being lined up to portray a young Nathan Drake in the forthcoming movie adaptation of Uncharted.

The site claims that Holland, who rose to fame in Billy Elliot and took over from Andrew Garfield as Marvel’s iconic Spider-Man, will feature in the Shawn Levy-directed prequel, with the creators taking inspiration from a flashback scene in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Prior to that, the film was believed to follow the games and feature a grown-up Nate.

Uncharted has been planning on a big-screen debut since 2009, although the project has run into numerous production issues of the years. Originally, David O’ Russell jumped on board to helm the action-adventure flick and cobbled together a script that had Mark Walhberg as Drake, who was part of a mobster-style family of treasure hunters. Neil Burger then stepped in and pledged to bring the film back to its videogame roots, although this quickly fell apart and the production team started eyeing up Seth Gordon for the role.

Problems continued, however, with Gordon jumping ship and Chris Pratt reportedly turning down the lead role as Nate. The Uncharted film was then pushed to 2017 with Bad Boys 3 director, Joe Carnahan, attached to the project. The director provided an update earlier this year having completed the script, although despite Carnahan claiming Naughty Dog was in support of the script, the California-based studio has denied this on Twitter.

This brings us up to date, although since the project is now being revamped into a prequel, the jury’s out as to when filming will commence let alone when we’ll see it in cinemas (hint: it won’t be this summer as originally planned). 

Stay tuned for more Uncharted movie news as we get it.