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Vampyr Dorothy Crane And The Dilemma – Should You Spare or Kill?

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In the Blackmail in Whitechapel mission early on in Vampyr, you'll need to work out whether to Spare, Charm or Embrace Dorothy Crane. In the following guide, we'll give you recommendations on what you should do.

First up, check out our tips for the best skills in Vampyr. Okay, ready?

Vampyr Dorothy Crane – The Big Question

First up, let's tell you a bit about her character. Dorothy Crane is a Whitechapel nurse, who runs an illegal dispensary where you she buys and sells medicine. Her presence in the district is crucially important to the residents in the area.

To complete the Blackmail in Whitechapel mission is simple. You essentially just follow the map marker, eavesdrop on a conversation, find a letter and then head back to the Darius Petrescu's house.

The difficult part is when you meet Dorothy in the house. Now, you have to decide her fate.

Vampyr Dorothy Crane - Live or Die?

There are three options:

  • SPARE - I look away and resign
  • CHARM - You will forget all about this
  • EMBRACE - I'm ending this right now!

Without a doubt, the best thing to do at this early point in Vampyr is to spare Dorothy Crane. She will live on, and you'll be able to buy formulas from her later in the game.

Furthermore, if she dies you will lose access to some side quests. These never return because the NPCs that you would have picked them up from are no longer around now that Dorothy isn't dishing out her medicine.

Sure, see what happens on a second playthrough if you do kill her, but during your first playthrough we recommend keeping as many options open as possible so you can enjoy the full Vampyr experience.

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