Velocity Ultra on PS3: lack of Cross-Buy, Cross-Save explained

Velocity Ultra, the PlayStation Vita game that our Kyle Prahl calls "pure, unadulterated, 100 percent fun," is now confirmed as an upcoming PlayStation 3 title, as confirmed by the PlayStation Blog.

FuturLab is collaborating with Curve Digital Studios in order to bring Velocity Ultra in all its fast-paced, unforgiving glory to the PS3, confirmed to run in full high-definition and have all features in the portable version completely brought to par with the console version.

Leaderboards will be shared between the two versions, so new and old players will be able to compete with each other across both Sony platforms. Trophy hunters may be off-put to know that the Trophies for the PS3 version will be shared with those of the PS Vita, so much like Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault, for instance, only one Trophy set will exist between the two renditions.

James Marsden, Managing Director from FuturLab, in response to a comment on the PS Blog, said that "We would have loved to have done both Cross Buy and Cross Save (we’re doing it for Velocity 2X), however there are good reasons why we can’t do it." James details that the PS3 remake is being developed by Curve Digital Studios and, due to many customers either having purchased the game or having received it through the PlayStation Plus promotion, that having the game Cross-Buy would defeat the purpose financially for Curve Digital to have developed the PS3 version at all.

James also made note of why Velocity Ultra will not feature Cross-Save either:

"Because the game is being published by different companies (which are both small with limited budgets to make this stuff happen), it would have been too much work to do cross save as it is a complicated process."

The fact that FuturLab is extending this game to more gamers is a sign that what’s to come with Velocity 2X will be entirely prepped and the minor details will be ironed out, since Velocity 2X will include both Cross-Buy and Cross-Save. Once we know when the PS3 version of Velocity Ultra will release, we will be sure to update accordingly.

Who has picked up Velocity Ultra already? Does the idea of playing it with a controller feel more enticing, or does the portability of the PS Vita hold more prowess? Let us know below.