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Watch Dogs Legion Boxart Leaked


You can definitley tell it’s that time of year – with leaks springing from everywhere, we’ve just gotten another one; the boxart for Watch Dogs Legion, the third Watch Dogs game which will be announced at Ubisoft’s E3 2019 presser later today.

You can see it below:

Watch DOgs 3 boxart

You’ll note that the boxart also gives away the preorder bonus for the game too – which looks like a golden car skin,. gun skin and mask.

Watch Dogs Legion is set to take the series to London where players can, apparently, control and hack every NPC in the game. Couple this with more stealth and less of the confrontational approach enabled by the previous two games and it looks like Watch Dogs Legion could be quite something indeed.

Stay tuned for Ubisoft’s E3 2019 presser where they will not only likely demo the game for the first time but also announce release and preorder details too. The previous entry in the series, Watch Dogs 2, was released back in November 2016, so a Fall 2019 release for Watch Dogs Legion, would certainly not appear to be out of the question.

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What about you guys though – are you excited for Watch Dogs Legion? Let us know in the comments!

  • JesusChrist

    Cant be worse than part 2

    • Say Bro Metrics

      part 2 blew major @$$

      • Bilal Prince-Ali

        it really didn’t lool

        • JesusChrist

          You just have mediocre taste buddy

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            Coming from the guy that thinks part 1 was better than part 2 lool!? Watchdogs 2 was a good game not great by any stretch of the imagination… Part 1 on the other hand was the mediocre game! but had a VERY promising story

      • JesusChrist

        It was terrible

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      Part 2 was better than part 1 in every aspect EXCEPT in story tbh loool

      • JesusChrist

        1 was a scam, 2 was worse than 1, 3 won’t be any different. Ubisoft are dead to me they release some of the worst quality games on the market and that’s a fact, except when it comes to splinter cell.

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          loool you’re a fool… Are you gonna back up any of these opinions or are you just gonna keep spouting off because you feel like it lool The fact you think Watchdogs 1 was a better game than Watchdogs 2 is just HILARIOUS not even the GAMES industry sides with you on that one so i dont even know what you’re talkinggg aboutt loool