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March 24th, 2005
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September 1st, 2005
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93 of 1166 Games
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3 of 0 Games
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Sony's first handheld

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PSP News

  • Sony announces Ice White PSP for Europe

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has confirmed that it will be bringing an Ice White PSP E1000 model to PAL regions this year. This new version of Sony’s seven-year-old handheld platform will retail for £89.99 in the U.K. and €99.99 in mainland Europe. It’ll be ava...

  • New PSP colour for Japan

    Sony is rolling out a new colour for the aging PlayStation Portable in Japan next month. Known as Sky Blue/Marine Blue, this limited edition variation of the portable games console will retail for 17, 800 yen, and goes on sale on April 26 as a value pack. For the record, that’s about $2...

  • Japan: PSP outsells PS Vita for second week

    Sony’s PlayStation Portable has proven there’s still life in the old dog yet, with weekly sales of the aging handheld still outshining those of its successor, the PlayStation Vita. While hardware sales in Japan were down in the post-Christmas period, PSP still managed to shift over 60...

  • Sony unveils new PSP bundle

    Sony’s unveiled a new PlayStation Portable bundle for the U.S., dubbed the ‘Entertainment Pack.’ Due out in stores on November 15, the bundle will retail for $159.99 and throws in a PSP-3000, a UMD copy of FIFA 12 and a PlayStation Network code to download Disney racer Cars 2: The...

  • Sony: New PSP model to attract younger gamers

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) boss Jim Ryan reckons the firm’s new budget-priced PlayStation Portable will resonate with younger gamers. Speaking to MCV, Ryan feels the omission of Wi-Fi and other features is a fair price to pay if it means getting the device on the market for a...

  • PSP-E1000 tech specs unveiled

    Sony’s lifted the lid on the technical specifications for its wallet-friendly PSP-E1000. Announced last Tuesday during the console maker’s Gamescoms presser, the budget handheld omits a number of key features available in previous models, such as Wi-Fi and stereo sound. The device ...

  • Gamescom 2011: Sony unveils new PSP model

    Sony’s just lifted the wraps off a new PlayStation Portable model during its Gamescom press conference this evening. The new SKU will be priced at a wallet-friendly 99 Euros, though won’t feature Wi-Fi functionality.  In addition, Sony also confirmed that the PSP Essentials range...

  • SCEE to replace London riot victim's PSP

    Ashraf Haziq, the young man who had his PlayStation Portable stolen by thugs during the London riots earlier this week, is to have his handheld replaced by Sony, it has been confirmed. Haziq, who suffered a broken jaw in the chaos that swept the nation’s capital Monday night, was filmed bei...

  • Svensson: Capcom USA is 'pushing' for PSP Remasters series

    Capcom USA has said that it’s pushing to have the likes of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and Power Stone re-released in the west as part of the PSP Remasters series. Chatting during a Q&A session (via Siliconera), Capcom's Christian Svensson revealed that a lot of the decision will be dow...

  • PS Vita "possibilities for creativity are endless" says Augmented Reality developer

    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has confirmed an exclusive deal with Spanish development studio and Augmented Reality specialists, Novarama Technology, who will create a number of new titles for Sony platforms. "These are exciting times to be part of the Sony family. With PSVita on t...

PSP Features

  • Top Ten PSP games of 2008

    The PlayStation Portable has experienced a tough year in terms of sales. Despite the recent debut of the PSP 3000, which Sony hoped would attract Christmas shoppers, the latest statistics from the NPD Group (421,000 units sold last month, compared to its competitor, the Nintendo DS, with 1.57 millio...

  • PSP System and World Championship Darts Giveaway

    You know you want a free PSP. We don't blame you -- who wouldn't? Well, based on our statistics, only 14.05% of you will get a shot at one. Sorry non-UKers, but after alienating our UK readers with a plethora of North American contests, we decided it was time to balance the scales. If you live in...

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