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Prey 2
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First Person
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3D Realms / Human Head Studios
2K Games
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also on Xbox 360 and PC.

About Prey 2

The follow-up to 3D Realms' first-person adventure game. In Prey 2, Tommy returns with a a renewed purpose and resolve, ready to accept his status as a galactic savior. The game design is planned to have entirely overhauled and enhanced level designs and play components, with more wide-open areas and a greater ability to control the portals in the world.

Prey 2 News

  • Prey 2 is in production at Arkane Studios, says new report

    According to purported leaked emails from Raphael Colantonio, the CEO of Arkane Studios, the company is indeed beavering away on a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Prey. That’s according to Kotaku, which claims to have received the emails from Colantonio to staff members that clearly ment...

  • Prey 2 still in development, Arkane not involved

    Prey 2's development has been far from spotless. Scheduled originally for a late 2012 release, Bethesda claimed the game was 'in limbo' and wouldn't be released as soon as expected. After months of silence, it was eventually reported that Arkane Studios had taken the reigns of the project. Rock, Pap...

  • Report: Prey 2 now in development at Arkane Studios

    Development of Prey 2 is now being handled by Arkane Studios, reports Kotaku. The elusive sequel was originally in the works at Human Head, though publisher Bethesda has now shifted development duties over to Arkane's Austin-based studio, who worked on last year’s highly acclaimed stealth-a...

  • Prey 2 not dead, but is 'in limbo'

    The status of Prey 2 has been put into question the past few months, but according to Human Head’s, Nathan Cheever, the sequel is not cancelled but is rather in limbo. Writing on Twitter, Cheever put to bed speculation that the open-world title had been scrapped. “BTW, P2 hasn’t...

  • Prey 2 has not been canned, says Bethesda

    Prey 2 hasn’t been cancelled, Bethesda’s marketing head Pete Hines has confirmed. Hines was responding to claims that he had confirmed the game’s cancellation during a chat with IGN Benelux. However, this turned out to be a mistranslation: “To clarify, I didn’t sa...

  • Rumor: Human Head stopped working on Prey 2 last November

    According to a source close to Shacknews, development of Human Head’s Prey 2 hasn’t progressed since November 2011. The site claims that the developer stopped working on the sequel due to a contract dispute with ZeniMax Media. Human Head is said to have entered talks with ZeniMax M...

  • Prey 2 not cancelled, won't be out this year

    Human Head’s Prey 2 hasn’t been canned but will not ship in 2012 as originally planned, publisher Bethesda revealed today. The news comes following a series of reports in the past few weeks that the sequel had been shelved, with an announcement supposedly to follow. However, Bethes...

  • Prey 2 E3 live-action trailer released

    Bethesda has unboxed a live-action E3 Prey 2 trailer for your consumption. Check it out below. The game’s out in 2012 for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360. ...

  • Human Head: Prey 2 to last around 15 hours

    Prey 2 will take roughly 15 hours to complete if you bolt through the campaign without exploring or tackling any side quests, Human Head’s revealed. Speaking during a chinwag with Eurogamer, project lead Chris Reinhart said the studio is aiming to craft a “strong, powerful single-play...

  • Bethesda unveils first Prey 2 screenshot & artwork

    Bethesda has unboxed the first direct-feed screenshot of Prey 2 for your consumption. In addition, it’s also thrown in a rather lovely piece of artwork of the hotly anticipated Human Head-developed sequel for your viewing pleasure. Check them out below. Prey 2 is scheduled for a 2012 rel...

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