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  • The Walking Dead tops 1 million sales

    TV/comic book tie-in The Walking Dead has reached one million downloads across PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and PC since its launch a fortnight ago. As a result, Telltale Games confirmed that the zombie actioner has become the company’s fastest-selling title to date. The Walking Dead i...

  • The Walking Dead not coming to Australia on consoles

    Zombie horror title The Walking Dead will not be released in Australia for consoles, Telltale Games has confirmed. The mature-rated downloadable game, which comes in bite-sized episodic chunks, hit the EU and U.S. PlayStation Store earlier this week. However, it seems Aussie gamers are going to b...

  • The Walking Dead exclusive trailer

    Telltale Games has given PSU a timed-exclusive on its new PEGI trailer for The Walking Dead, the adventure horror series based on Robert Kirkman’s groundbreaking comic book series. The game will be released in the form of downloable episodic content on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, M...

  • Telltale Games raises launch trailer for Walking Dead

    Telltale Games released today a launch trailer for the first episode of its five-part series The Walking Dead. Based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, players play as Lee Everett, a convicted murderer who gains a form of freedom in a world filled with the undead. The first episode is now ...

  • PSA: pre-purchase The Walking Dead games starting tomorrow to receive a discount, free theme

    The Walking Dead is Telltale Games’ next episodic adventure game heading to the PlayStation Network. It’s a rather large departure from what the studio has done with previous titles like Jurassic Park: The Game, Back to the Future: The Game, or even Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse. ...

  • The Walking Dead springs into life in April

    Continuing its trend for releasing episodic content, Back To The Future and Jurassic Park: The Game developer, TellTale Game, is set to unleash The Walking Dead via digital download on PSN, Xbox Live, PC and iOS this April. Based on Robert Kirkman’scomic book series, The Walking Dead is bill...

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