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Twisted Metal
Sub Genre:
Third Person
Release Date (US):
February 14th, 2012
Release Date (UK):
March 7th, 2012
Online Players:
Eat Sleep Play
M [Mature]
PSU Rank:
1128 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
532 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Exclusive to PlayStation 3. The first copies of the game will ship with a special voucher allowing users to download a free copy of Twisted Metal Black.

About Twisted Metal

High atop his penthouse office, a mysterious ringleader named Calypso lords over the contest of vehicle combat known as Twisted Metal. He returns again to host the ultimate contest of skill and destruction. Contestants have been chosen to compete and, should they emerge victorious, win whatever prize their heart desires. Twisted Metal, the longest running franchise in PlayStation history, is now back, exclusively on the PS3 system. With four factions battling for control, players step into the combat boots of a twisted disciple in a high octane, highly destructible world. Players fight for the prize of one wish fulfilled by the stylishly evil Calypso, the mastermind behind the Twisted Metal tournament. Disciples strategically dismantle opponents in vehicles loaded with weapons of Twisted destruction. With a robust online system, players unleash destruction with up to 16 players through PlayStation Network and battle through a variety of favorite and new game modes.



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If you're up for a challenge and some old-school fun, then Twisted Metal is the game for you.

We like

  • Great variety of cars and power-ups
  • B-movie cut scenes are especially well done. TM movie anyone?
  • Genuinely challenging

We dislike

  • Twitchy controls in places
  • Car and environment physics are pretty much non-existent
  • Unbalanced AI

See PSU's review on Metacritic & GameRankings

Having been away from the Twisted Metal franchise for quite some time, I went into this review wide eyed and anxious for a return to the days of old; when mindlessly screaming around a map, destroying all who get in your way was the order of the day and we all loved it. Strange now how fond memories of childhood are associated with images of an ice cream truck and a clown with his hair on fire. Anyway, the latest entry in the ...

Twisted Metal News

  • Twisted Metal to be released as download

    The latest PlayStation Blog podcast has confirmed that Eat Sleep Play’s Twisted Metal will be made available as a download in the U.S. this week. The vehicular combat title, masterminded by God of War creator David Jaffe, will retail for $40 on the PlayStation Store as part of tomorrow&rsqu...

  • David Jaffe investigating Twisted Metal EU online issues

    Reports cropped up over the weekend of gamers being unable to take Twisted Metal online in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) territories. Sony America’s official forums were met with a tidal wave of complaints from predominantly European players stating they were unable to play the ...

  • Axel coming to Twisted Metal tomorrow for free

    If you didn’t land Axel with your pre-order copy of Twisted Metal, you’ll get him for free in a patch tomorrow. Use Axel’s signature Crowd Control attack to make some room or use his War Wheel alternate special attack. You can also check out the video below to see Sweet Tooth...

  • David Jaffe not fussed about next-gen consoles

    Twisted Metal maestro David Jaffe has said he’s in no rush to get his mitts on the next-generation of consoles. Speaking with Edge, Jaffe, who is due to depart developer Eat Sleep Play later this month, said he 'couldn't care less' about next-gen machines, and for him, it's all about the ex...

  • Jaffe details Twisted Metal patch coming later today

    David Jaffe has been great with giving us updates and heads-ups on Twisted Metal via his personal blog, His latest vlog, wherein he discusses the newest patch for Twisted Metal, reveals that said update will be arriving sometime today—most probably between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. MST...

  • Sony signs deal for Twisted Metal movie

    Sony has made a deal with director Brian Taylor to both write and direct a live-action Twisted Metal movie, according to Brian Taylor co-directed the new Ghost Rider movie, and Twisted Metal seems like a proper fit for someone who worked on a movie of that caliber. As was reported, thi...

  • Feel the tainted love with this Twisted Metal launch trailer

    It’s that special time of year where two people find it in themselves to get together and share a special moment with one another—Valentine’s Day. Except that this year, things are a little different seeing as Twisted Metal might be that special moment in question.  Released ...

  • David Jaffe: 'There's four games I would love to do'

    Twisted Metal father David Jaffe has chewed the fat over his plans for the future after he departs developer Eat Sleep Play later this year. The outspoken developer, who is due to leave the studio he co-founded back in 2007 after his 'maintenance contract' with Sony is up, revealed he has four pr...

  • [UPDATE] Report: David Jaffe to leave Eat Sleep Play

    UPDATE: Jaffe has confirmed via Twitter that he is indeed leaving Eat Sleep Play, and will be forming a new studio in San Diego. He will, however, still be hanging around for a few months to ensure that post-launch support for Twisted Metal runs smoothly. The God of War creator also took time to ...

  • European release date for Twisted Metal revealed

    Almost exactly one week away (in North America), Twisted Metal has garnered more hype than any other vehicular combat game that comes to mind. Okay, so that’s not saying much, but still. Actually, I forgot about Starhawk, but whatever. In a recent tweet, David Jaffe confirmed the European re...

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