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Tomb Raider
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3D Platformer
Release Date (US):
March 5th, 2013
Release Date (UK):
March 5th, 2013
Online Players:
Crystal Dynamics
Square Enix
M [Mature]
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0 of 1166 Games
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0 of 0 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360.

About Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider sees a young, inexperienced Lara Croft surviving on a mysterious Island after being shipwrecked while on an expedition.



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Tomb Raider is a fantastic addition to the Croft catalog and a fine rebirth of a classic character. With a great story, sumptuous visuals and meaty combat, this is one game you can't afford to miss out on in 2013.

We like

  • The fantastic visuals
  • Lara Croft's characterization
  • The classic Tomb Raider blend of combat, puzzles and hidden collectibles

We dislike

  • Narrative sometimes loses its punch in combat-heavy situations
  • Frequent combat sequences can get a little tiring
  • Some minor camera issues and visual glitches

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How the mighty have fallen. Back in the late 1990s, you couldn’t move for the amount of Lara Croft mania that was sweeping the globe. Our busty archaeologist had not only conquered the gaming world, but her iconic image adorned the bedroom walls of spotty teenagers everywhere, magazine covers and even secured a spot on U2’s PopMart tour. Indeed, Miss Croft was every ounce a gaming legend, blagging a spot on the mai...



Tomb Raider News

  • Tomb Raider finally makes profit for Square Enix

    Almost 10 months after its initial release, Tomb Raider has finally made a profit for its publisher Square Enix. The much-hyped return of Lara Croft was expected to result in the sale of 5-6 million units in the first four weeks of release, but with only 3.2 million units sold in its first month...

  • PS4 Tomb Raider runs at native 1080p, has enhanced Lara Croft model

    Tomb Raider: Definition Edition for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will run at native 1080p, publisher Square Enix has confirmed. The company also revealed that heroine Lara Croft will receive a significant overhaul for her next-generation console debut. Specifically, the nimble archaeologist will be...

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition confirmed for PS4

    After recent tremors pointed towards a PlayStation 4 port of the acclaimed reboot of Square Enix’s Tomb Raider, it seems a recent advertisement for the VGX awards has all but confirmed it. The advertisement, seen below (via Game Informer), clearly displays Tomb Raider as set for a PS4 and Xbo...

  • Lara Croft: Reflections trademark spotted again

    Lara Croft: Reflections has been trademarked for Europe, marking the second time mystery project - thought to be a comic book - has appeared this year. This latest filing was spotted by Junkie Monkeys, and follows on from the previous North American trademark earlier this year. Speculation has...

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for PS4 confirmed by Square Enix

    Square Enix has seemingly confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 4 version of the Tomb Raider reboot following the game's listing on Amazon Italy yesterday. In a comment given to DualShockers, a representative from the publisher said that, "It’s so hard to keep a secret these days! We ...

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition coming to PS4, suggests retail listing

    According to a listing on Amazon Italy, Tomb Raider is being re-released under the ‘Definitive Edition’ moniker for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s out January 24. The critically-acclaimed action-adventure title was also re-rated on the Brazilian ratings board for both formats...

  • Tomb Raider has sold over 4 million, confirms Square Enix

    Square Enix has announced that its critically-acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot has shifted over four million copies globally since its launch in March 2013. Writing in a blog post on Gamasutra (via VG247), Square Enix’s North American and European studio boss Darrell Gallagher also revealed tha...

  • Tomb Raider sequel confirmed for PS4, next-generation consoles

    In a blog entry posted today, Square Enix CEO of Europe and Americas Phil Rogers confirmed development on a sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot is well underway at the company. Speaking on some of the next-generation console projects Square Enix is working on, Rogers wrote, "I am also excited to ...

  • Tomb Raider comic to link directly into reboot sequel

    Dark Horse Comics will release a new Tomb Raider comic early next year, which ties directly into the planned sequel to this year’s successful reboot. Penned by Gail Simone, the comic will be released on February 26, 2014, and sees Lara Croft on a globetrotting adventure that will ultimately...

  • Tomb Raider's top 10 moments, as picked by Crystal Dynamics

    Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has hand-picked its top ten favourite moments from Lara Croft’s rapturously-received reboot. Check them out in a trailer below. Be warned though, the footage contains major spoilers, so don't risk a glimpse if you haven't already played and completed t...

Tomb Raider Features

  • Tomb Raider 2013: 3 defining moments from the gritty reboot

    Crystal Dynamics successfully reinvented the venerable Tomb Raider series in the eponymous reboot released earlier this month, showcasing Lara Croft’s transition from eager archaeologist to hardened survivalist. It’s a defining piece of characterization, and one that in my humble opinion...

  • The highs and lows of Tomb Raider

    Tomb Raider is one of the most iconic and long-running videogame franchises on the market, still going strong after 17+ plus years. As well as pioneering the 3D action/adventure landscape, the series was one of the first to receive mainstream recognition thanks to its voluptuous heroine, Lara Croft....

  • OPINION: Crystal Dynamics deserves an apology from gamers for hasty Tomb Raider 'controversy'

    Crystal Dynamics deserves an apology from any person who even nodded toward the rape controversy surrounding the now-released Tomb Raider reboot. That also means a personally addressed card to Rob Rosenburg, the executive producer who was defamed over his honest comments and feelings toward the proj...

  • Tomb Raider review round-up

    Lara Croft makes her way back into the realm of video games with a smaller head and much nicer physical appearance in Tomb Raider. Here is a round-up of reviews for Crystal Dynamics' hotly-anticipated reboot from across the world wide web. IGN- 9.1/10 Eurogamer- 8/10 Games Master- 90% ...

  • Sex sells, but women and videogames deserve better

    The narrative direction of Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider reboot has proven to be great kindle for a raging Internet fire. A young, vulnerable Lara Croft is faced with a world that wants to break her down by any means necessary, including sexual violence. Lara must fend off rape, and no matter how ...

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