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Digital Extremes
Sony Computer Entertainment
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Warframe brings a new and addicting experience to the PlayStation franchise. Along with great and fluid combat, this is a free-to-play title that will justify microtransactions in a positive way.

We like

  • Great combat
  • Addictive Mod system
  • Great co-op experience

We dislike

  • Heavy on microtransactions
  • Unappealing story
  • Poor explanation of game mechanics

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Free to Play may not be something console gamers are used to hearing, but with the launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony has made big a push to not only get triple A titles but bring forth a plethora of Free to Play titles that have dominated the PC space for years to its next gen console. Warframe is one of these titles. Developed by Digital Extremes, Warframe puts players in control of a Tenno, an ancient cyber ninja warrior a...

Warframe News

  • Warframe PS4 update 13.7 now live, adds weapons, missions and Loki Prime

    Digital Extremes has launched its latest major update v13.7 for the PS4 version of its free-to-play co-op shooter Warframe. As well as issuing some bug fixes and re-balancing combat, the update delivers some new Tower Void missions, new gear and a Loki Prime Variant.   Here’s the det...

  • Warframe boycott planned as news of Digital Extremes takeover upsets community

    Some Warframe players are planning to boycott Digital Extremes’ third-person shooter following news that the developer may be acquired by MMO company Perfect World and Fujian chicken meat supplier Sumpo. The deal isn’t yet signed but a document from Sumpo shows that the companies have e...

  • Warframe is PS4's second most-downloaded app, behind Netflix

    Sony has revealed that Warframe, the free-to-play PlayStation 4 shooter from Digital Extreme, is the second most-downloaded free app for the console -- with Netflix taking the no.1 spot. While an exact figure was not divulged, Sony did confirm that the third-person blast-’em-up has been dow...

  • Warframe PS4 update adds new weapons, bosses and trading system

    Digital Extremes’ free-to-play title, Warframe, has today received its first update, offering a slew of new environments, warframes, among other additions and fixes. The update, entitled, Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed is also the product of gamer feedback, reads the developer’s press rel...

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