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Watch Dogs
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3D Platformer
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May 27th, 2014
Release Date (UK):
Spring 2014
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0 of 1166 Games
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Also available on PS3, PC, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

About Watch_Dogs

Ubisoft's ambitious new IP, Watch Dogs sees players waging informational warfare as hacker Aiden Pearce. Set in a sprawling near-futuristic depiction of Chicago, Watch Dogs combines third-person shooting, driving and parkour elements in one action-packed adventure.



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Watch Dogs on PS4 executes fresh gameplay ideas with aplomb, marking one of the first games of this new generation of consoles to innovate within its genre. It's a slower, smarter sandbox shooter with an astounding degree of content, but despite resonant themes of technological overbearance, its poorly handled story likely won't grip you.

We like

  • Hacking elevates moment-to-moment gameplay
  • Deep skills and unlocks reward all playstyles
  • Tons of stuff to do

We dislike

  • Broad, poorly served themes
  • Underwhelming graphics
  • Poor licensed soundtrack

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Watch Dogs is a tale of two games, two protagonists, and too many ideas. As I stooped myself in Ubisoft's impossibly hyped blockbuster--arguably the very first next-gen game announced--I started to notice these dualities and how they either compromise or stand as a testament to the game's quality. What results from the interplay of gameplay styles, storytelling techniques, and philosophies is the most original game to yet arri...

Watch_Dogs News

  • Watch Dogs DLC for PS3 and PS4 launches tomorrow, includes new missions, weapons and bonuses

    All Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs players will be able to download the Access Pack DLC from tomorrow on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The pack consists of three single player missions as detailed below: • The Palace Single Player Mission: A police raid is planned on the luxury palace ...

  • Watch Dogs reaches over 4 million copies sold in its first week

    Sales figures released by Ubisoft today report that the company's latest AAA blockbuster, Watch Dogs, sold over 4 million copies worldwide in its first week. The open-world hacking action game set a new record as Ubisoft's best-selling title ever in its first week. Watch Dogs already broke the publ...

  • Watch Dogs trophy list reveals drinking game and unlockable songs

    The full trophy list for the PS4 and PS3 version of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs has been leaked online ahead of release date, courtesy of PSN Profiles. Among the trophies up for grabs are silver accolades for unlocking every song with the Songsneak app and completing level 10 against all three drinking g...

  • Watch Dogs street date broken, currently in the hands of gamers in Brazil

    Following the launch of the first Watch Dogs review, which was swiftly followed by Ubisoft’s tweet about it being false, we now hear that some retailers in Brazil are allowing customers to pick up a copy of the highly anticipated action adventure way before the release date of May 27, 2014. R...

  • Amazing Watch Dogs prank features real-life street hacking

    Ubisoft has launched a viral marketing campaign for its upcoming action-adventure Watch Dogs which features an elaborate prank on members of the public. In the video, customers are lured into an electronics store that claims to fix their smartphones in under 15 minutes. The store owner fixes the ph...

  • First Watch Dogs review is false, claims Ubisoft

    Ubisoft has warned that any Watch Dogs reviews that appear online before May 27 are false. The announcement, via Twitter, comes after the first review of Watch Dogs appeared online, rating the hacking adventure 7.2/10 and claiming that graphics aren’t on a par with GTA V, it's “painfully...

  • Watch Dogs breaks record for most preordered new IP

    Despite skepticism about its graphics and a disappointing delay just before the start of the new generation of consoles, Watch Dogs still retains much of the excitement it has built since E3 2012. Ubisoft today announced in a press release that its new hacking/driving/shooting third person adventure...

  • Watch Dogs goes gold, but how are its graphics?

    It’s official. Two years after its announcement at E3 2012, after two years full of anticipation, delay, disappointment, and anticipation again, Watch Dogs has gone gold. For a video game, going gold means general development is over and myriads of discs are being burned and printed, and myri...

  • Watch Dogs '101' trailer gives you extensive 9-minute rundown

    Ubisoft today released the ultimate travel brochure to its sprawling rendition of Chicago, uploading an extensive 9-minute trailer for its action-packed thriller, Watch Dogs.  The trailer gives you the rundown on the many features present in the game's bustling metropolis, detailing street rac...

  • Watch Dogs exclusive PlayStation content also coming to other platforms

    The exclusive Watch Dogs PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 content that was revealed earlier this year will also be released on PC and maybe even Xbox 360 and Xbox One at a later date. Originally thought to be wholly exclusive to PS3 and PS4, Ubisoft has now made a small disclaimer on the official Wa...

Watch_Dogs Features

  • Watch Dogs PS4 Review in progress

    Watch Dogs wants to be an open-world shooter that tackles mature themes with narrative subtlety and gameplay depth. So far, it succeeds in this regard most of the time. In combat situations, when hacker-turned-vigilante Aiden Pearce is solving deadly problems with creative environmental solutions, a...

  • 3 PS4 games to play while you wait for Watch Dogs

    Ubisoft delivered a bombshell this week with news that it had pushed the release of Watch Dogs back to spring 2014. As one of the most anticipated games of this year, as well as a highlight among the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s launch line-ups, the delay has been a tough pill to swallow -- es...

  • E3 2013 Awards: Best Game

      And so we come inexorably to the Best Game award, which believe us has been no easy choice given the amount of quality games we’ve been clapping eyes on. However, for sheer brilliance, Watch Dogs by Ubisoft has nabbed this particular crown ahead of the competition. Currently under th...

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