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Anthem Manifold Puzzle Solution – How To Crack The Color Code

Anthem manifold puzzle

The Anthem VIP demo hasn’t been without its server issues, but many players have still been able to enjoy some pre-launch time with Bioware’s upcoming action-RPG. However, one of the areas where some have been left looking for a solution is the Anthem Manifold Puzzle.

This surfaces when you face the objective: “Recover the Manifold from the Inner Chamber.” This occurs as you reach the end of the demo, and some players have been stuck trying to figure it out.

In order to open the Manifold chamber, you would have first needed to get hold of the two signets and killed the Valykerie watching over it. The Manifold puzzle revolves around colors.

Anthem Manifold Puzzle Solution

You need to switch the devices around the room so that they display certain colors, and the clues are right in front of you. There are three devices in total to change.

  1. Blue light – You’ll find this in the South East area. The clue is under the bridge where you see a purple glow. Change the light to purple and move to the next device.
  2. Blue blinking light – On the platform where this device stands, check out the pillar on the left. Have a look all around it and you’ll spot a yellow light. Change the device to yellow.
  3. Yellow light – Just to the left of the device, this is the easiest one to spot. You’ll see red on the wall. Switch it to red and you’ve completed this task. Just return to the Manifold

So, it’s:

  • Purple
  • Yellow
  • Red

The next Anthem demo is open to all, and planned for the 1-3 February, 2019. Bioware’s multiplayer action RPG launches on 22 February, 2019.

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