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Battlefield V Reveal Date Found In Battlefield 1 Easter Egg?

battlefield v reveal header

There truly are some novel ways to tease games these days.

In this case, discovering an Easter Egg in Battlefield 1 has led to the discovery of an announcement date of May 23 for something Battlefield-related. Presumably, this is the heavily-rumored Battlefield V reveal.

Firstly, this is the Easter Egg in question.

The information comes from Battlefield’s Discord channel. Upon completing Battlefield 1’s ‘Isolement’ Easter Egg, Ceiling pipes in-game drip in morse code. Once deciphered, the code reads, which is a working link to EA’s site. That, in turn, leads you to this page…battlefield v reveal Marvelous stuff!

It’s been suggested that Battlefield V will be going back to WWII, and possibly features a Battle Royale mode of sorts. We will see in just under two weeks if this is indeed a Battlefield V reveal, but the fact E3 is so close suggests it’s highly likely.