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Borderlands 3 Legendary Farming Spot Found

Borderlands 3

Everybody seems to be enjoying playing Borderlands 3 at the moment. Gearbox’s latest looter shooter has been setting records and has been the popular shooter’s best launch to date. Even with its acknowledged performance issues and split-screen woes, which are being looked at by the developers, the game seems to be doing very well and doing good on the review side of things too. Of course though, you’re here for the Borderlands 3 Legendary farming stuff aren’t you? Well, without further ado!

Borderlands 3 Legendary Farming Spot

What we all love about Borderlands is its plethora of weird and wonderful weaponry. This is amplified more in Borderlands 3 with more ways to get your hands on these weapons and a lot more variety to boot. Borderlands 3 touts having over one billion guns, good luck tracking down all those fantastic firearms. A user on Reddit called Nordor222 has found a reliable way of farming legendary weapons, the only thing is you have to be in the endgame but that’s fine, that is when you need the good guns anyway.

Borderlands 3 Mayhem Mode

After you have beaten the story in Borderlands 3 you unlock ‘Mayhem’ mode. Essentially its a way of increasing the difficulty and increasing your loot in return. For this farming method to work you will need to push the Mayhem mode to level 3 from the console in Sanctuary 3 and visit Eden-6. You then need to travel to the Jakob’s Estate and follow the short video below.

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The video below from youtube user RadBradH shows how to do it in detail. It involves killing a Loot Tink, which is a new type of enemy in Borderlands 3 that drops a lot of loot on death. The only difference from the video below is the fact you will be doing the run on Mayhem 3 difficulty and the chance of legendary drops increases massively. According to Reddit you can get up to seven legendaries per run. For such a short farming method it will massively improve your loadout during the endgame grind and give you access to some sweet, sweet gear.

Guns, Guns, Guns and Ways to Share Them

You still have time to look at our VIP code list and earn yourself some new weaponry, skins or other Borderlands 3 goodies. The list is updated regularly and there are thousands of points you can still claim. There are several guns on there to earn as well as a nice legendary when you claim eight weapons from the VIP scheme. Even if you just sell them, its free cash, if nothing more.

We also published a quick guide on how to share weapons with friends, which will also earn you probably the easiest PlayStation trophy in the game. You can also read our feature about the games mailbox, what it is and how to use it here.

Are you playing Borderlands 3? Are you enjoying it? Will you be using this farming method? Let us know in the comments below.