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Borderlands 3 Unlimited Golden Keys Guide

Golden keys in Borderlands 3 are a very sought after commodity. They allow players to open the golden chest in Sanctuary 3 and have access to some sweet, sweet loot. The chest normally drops epic and legendary loot at your level such as shields, artefacts, weapons and grenade mods. These keys are always worthwhile and normally players are waiting on the Borderlands 3 and Randy Pitchford twitter accounts for redeemable codes. But you’re here for the Borderlands 3 Unlimited Golden Keys though, right?

Unlimited Borderlands 3 Golden Keys

Thanks to youtube user iamkiller we have a small glitch, that when repeated correctly, gives you access to a never-ending supply of golden keys. The video is included for your perusal below but basically it involves redeeming a code for a golden key, then instead of claiming it straight away in the mail menu, disabling your internet connection then claiming it. You can then restart and re-claim the code infinitely. Due to your internet not being active you can restart and claim the code as many times as you like. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Just be aware this could be patched at any moment and may not work forever. It’s best to jump on this as soon as you can and stock up on the shiny golden goodness. Even if you do not use them, stock them up for the future or before this glitch gets patched.

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Other Borderlands 3 Goodies

We published a quick guide on how to share weapons with friends, which will also earn you probably the easiest PlayStation trophy in the game. You can also read our feature about the games mailbox, which explains what it is and how to use it.

Don’t worry – you still have time to look at our VIP code list and earn yourself some new weaponry, skins or other Borderlands 3 goodies. The list is updated regularly and there are thousands of points you can still claim. There are several guns on there to earn as well as a nice legendary when you claim eight weapons from the VIP scheme. Even if you just sell them, its free cash, if nothing more.

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Are you playing Borderlands 3? Are you enjoying it? Have you tried Mayhem mode yet? Let us know in the comments below.