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Catherine: Full Body Western Release Doesn’t Include PS Vita

Catherine: Full Body Western Release

Update 11/01/2018 @ 14:48 – The Catherine: Full Body western release doesn’t include PS Vita, Altus has confirmed.

Originally, it was thought players in Europe and North America would be able to pick up the forthcoming remaster on both PS4 and PS Vita – as they can in Japan. However, for whatever reason, Atlus has decided to nix the handheld port.

We can’t say we’re overly surprised, given the lack of support for Sony’s handheld in the last few years. Besides, how many of us would feel comfortable playing Catherine on a crowded commuter train?

Original Article 19/12/2017 @ 09:43 – Atlus has announced Catherine: Full Body for PS4 and PS Vita, confirming previous reports that the studio was planning on remastering one of its key PS3 titles.

Developed by Studio Zero, a new internal team at Atlus, Catherine: Full Body will be fully detailed in a dedicated live stream on December 22 at 7.30pm JST.

Catherine: Full Body Western Release – new content

According to Famitsu magazine, the game will feature a third Catherine with different personality traits than the two seen in the original version. In addition, Full Body will include extra scenes not seen in the 2011 edition.

No further details are currently known about the remake, with a release date yet to be confirmed. It’s also not yet been revealed if Catherine: Full Body will receive a western launch, although we can’t imagine why not as the original was localised for U.S. and Europe.

Catherine was released for the PS3 back in 2011 and takes the form of a puzzle-platformer starring Vincent, a 32-year-old experiencing relationship issues and suffering from bizarre nightmares.

Stay tuned to PSU for more details.

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