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Conan Exiles Attributes And Best Stats Tips

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In total there are seven Conan Exiles attributes that you can assign points to during your journey. In this open-world survival game, you earn EXP which helps you to level up. You then earn attribute points that you can in turn assign to your character.

When you have points to spend on your Conan Exiles attributes you’ll see the character Level button flashing. You can then choose which attributes to improve.

Conan Exiles Attributes

The following attributes are available:

Strength: Improves your power to do damage during melee combat.

Agility: Contrary to what you might think, agility doesn’t improve your speed or reduce stamina. It adds defense points onto your armor.

Vitality: Increases your health.

Accuracy: Improves the damage you can do from ranged attacks.

Grit: Increases your stamina.

Encumbrance: Allows you to carry more items.

Survival: Increases your water and food metabolize rate.

What are the best Conan Exiles Stats To Focus On

Every player will have their own preferences, but here’s our tips.

Being able to carry more resources and materials is vital, so we recommended Encumbrance being one of the main four stats to boost, alongside Grit (you’ll need a ton of stamina) and Vitality. Finally, depending on whether you prefer melee or ranged attacks, build up your points in Strength or Accuracy.

Agility seems to make little difference, so we’ve now totally avoid boosting this attribute, whereas we’ve been able to survive fine without assigning points to Survival. In short, focus on:

  • Encumbrance
  • Grit
  • Vitality
  • Strength/Accuracy

And don’t stress about Agility and Survival. For more, Conan Exiles guides, check out the following:

You can also find out more about the game, which is available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, at the Conan Exiles website.