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Conan Exiles Ice Location and Recipes

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Conan Exiles Ice is one of the many consumables in Conan Exiles and is characterized as frozen water just like real-world ice. It is an ingredient combine with other resources which creates other consumable drinks to quench the thirst of Conan. It is low grade and has a durability of 100. You can stack 100 ice at a time. An ice weighs 0.13.

Conan Exiles Ice Location

Conan Exiles Ice is normally found in the freezing north. They are also located at the highest mountain peaks or in deep winters. You need to harvest 10 Ice Shard and craft it on the Altar of Ymir. As a result, you will get one ice and a Manifestation of Zeal. It will only take 20 seconds to create it. As a reward, you will gain 7 experience points from each piece of ice.

Conan Exiles Ice Recipes

You will never have to worry about getting thirsty with the Water-filled Glass Flask. Put one bottomed flask, and 10 pieces of ice at the Camp Fire and you will have Water-filled Glass Flask. You have to wait five seconds and you will get 101 experience points.

At the Exalted Altar of Ymir, combine 100 pieces of Ice, 20 Ice Shards and one Manifestation of Zeal to get one Black Ice. You have to spend 30 seconds on it however it will not give you any experience points.

If you want more special drink than water, go straight to the stove; put one herbal tea and two pieces of ice, wait for five seconds and it will give you an Ice Tea (60 experience points).

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